Granada on a Budget

Granada on a Budget

Immerse yourself in the allure of this historic Spanish city

Here we guide you through affordable local delights and captivating landmarks and sights,
ensuring a memorable and economical stay for you in the heart of Granada!

Tapas Culture in Granada

One of the most ingrained cultural and gastronomical traditions of this marvelous city. Eating tapas means eating small and varied portions of delicious local dishes. These are usually served free of charge with an alcoholic drink, sometimes also with a soda or sparkling water.

A surprising voyage of discovery

Tapas are mostly chosen by the server of the restaurant or bar. In some cases, you may choose which tapas will accompany your drink. From Sacromonte omelette, local goat cheese, curated Spanish ham slices to paella, meatballs and fried fish, there is a wide variety of dishes you can taste. The best way of eating tapas is by going with the flow and trying every delicious dish your server puts on your table!

Barman serving some tapas at a local eatery in Granada.

Gastronomy Near the Venue

<800 meters

D’Platos Centro – 550m (7 mins)
Ávila Tapas II – 600m (8 mins)
Bar Productos del Sur – 650m (8mins)
La Patrona Tapas – 600m (8 mins)
Taberna La Granaina – 750m (9 mins)


Coco’s Bar&Tapas – 950m (13 mins)
El Conde – 1km (14 mins)
Taberna La Tana – 1km (14 mins)
La Pajuana – 1km (14 mins)
La Botilleria – 1km (14 mins)
Taberna La Garrocha – 1km (14 mins)


Bar Restaurante La Tarara – 1.1km (14 mins)
La Sitarilla – 1.2km (15 mins)
Bar Poë – 1.2km (15 mins)
Bar Santo Domingo – 1.2km (17 mins)

Sightseeing in Granada

Located in the heart of Andalusia, Granada is a city rich in history and allure. Its captivating past
is woven into every corner, offering every newcomer a tapestry of cultural wonders to explore.

Albaicín neighborhood

The picturesque Albaicin neighborhood in Granada on a sunny summer afternoon. Andalusia, Spain.

The Alhambra

Famous Alhambra in sunset in Granada, Spain

Museo de la Alhambra

Exhibition hall on the Museo de la Alhambra

La Alcaicería

Store fronts of the Alcaicería market in Granada

San Nicolás Viewpoint

Couple sitting during sunset on a wall of the San Nicolás Viewpoint in Granada, Spain.

San Miguel Alto Viewpoint

Views of the Alhambra and Albaicin at sunset from the San Miguel Alto Viewpoint, Granada.

Carlos V Palace

Hallway of the Palace of Carlos V in La Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

El Bañuelo Granada

11th Century Arab Baths of Granada.

Royal Chapel of Granada

. This grand 16th century church largely dates back to the Renaissance.

Moving around the city

People walking in Granada

The simplest way of getting around Granada is on foot. Although the city has lots of hills and slopes, Granada is fairly compact and very accessible.

Bus in Granada

To explore the city further and start your journey through Granada’s most popular sightseeing spots, you may wish to travel by bus.

If you plan to take several buses during your stay in Granada, consider getting a Credibús, a magnetic card available in €5, €10, and €20 denominations.

This cost-effective card offers reduced fares compared to cash payments and is shareable among several users. You can easily purchase a Credibús on any city bus, with the convenience of information displayed in multiple languages.

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Sunset in Granada