Call for Abstracts

The Organizing Committee invites all those professionals interested in presenting works related to participate in the congress by sending abstracts. Only abstracts sent through this website will be accepted.

Abstracts submission online

IBRO invites you to submit your abstract for poster presentation at the Congress. Check the Main Topics listed below.

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Instructions for authors


Title should be brief and clearly indicate the content.


  • Initials and Surnames for every author must be provided.
  • Do not include degrees or titles.
  • The name of the presenting author should be marked at the online form.
  • An author’s name appearing on more than one abstract must be identical in each case.


  • Each author should be listed by institution, city, state/province and country.
  • Do not include department, division, laboratory, etc.
  • In abstracts where the authors have different affiliations, please indicate for each author the number of the corresponding affiliation


  • ALL text must be written in ENGLISH.
  • It should not exceed 300 words including tables which must be in text format, not graphic format.
  • Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted and will not be edited in any way.
  • Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum. Use standard abbreviations generic drug names. Place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parentheses after first use.
  • Do NOT identify author(s) or institution(s) in text. Make the abstract as informative as possible. Conclusions must be supported by data.
  • If it is possible, use this structure (without the headings):
    • Background or Introduction
    • Material and methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions

No changes to the submitted abstracts will be made by the organization.

Dates to remember

January 2023 Call for abstracts submission
January 2023 Open registration online
Spring 2023 IBRO World Congress Travel Grant Applications
May 2023 Deadline of Ealy bird registration fees

Submission guidelines

  • All abstracts must be submitted through the ‘Abstracts Submission Portal’ published on the meeting webpage.
  • Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered for the meeting.
  • The presenting author need not be the first author, but must be a listed author and marked as it in the corresponding field. A max. of 2 abstracts per presenting author will be allowed.
  • The presenting author of accepted abstract must register and pay to attend the Congress by end of May 2023, otherwise the abstract will not be published.
  • After having submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your reference number and your password. If not, please contact us, we will double check if your submission has been uploaded correctly.
  • You will be able to use your password in case you need to check your submitted abstract or should you need to modify the abstract before the submission deadline.
  • If you have any questions you can get in contact with the Scientific Secretariat:

Abstracts accepted

  • An author whose abstract has been accepted is required to register online and pay the registration fee to confirm inclusion of the presentation in the programme.
  • Presenting authors of accepted abstracts must register by end of May 2023 to confirm inclusion in the programme. If the presenting author of the abstract does not register by this date the organizers reserve the right to remove the presentation/s from the programme.
  • If the presenting author cannot attend and present, they must withdraw their abstract online (before end of May 2023) or by notification to:
  • Requests for substitute co-author presenters after the abstract submission deadline must be sent to:
  • Programme listings and abstracts may be published in digital formats via the conference website and mobile app. You will be asked for authorization during the submission process.

Themes and Topics

You will be asked to select one Theme. This selection is important because it will decide the particular session at which your poster will be displayed. Before selecting themes and topics, it is in your interest to ask yourself in which group of posters your contribution is likely to be viewed by the most interested participants.

1)  Nervous system development and related disorders
2)  Comparative neuroscience and Evolution
3)  Stem cells, organoids, neural injury neurotoxicity and repair
4)  Neurons and Glia: physiology and inter-cell communication
5)  Neuroimmunology
6)  Neural Excitability, Synapses and Plasticity
7)  Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders
8)  Diseases of the nervous system (including, infective and psychiatric)
9)  Motor and Sensory Systems

10) Sleep, Biological rhythms
11) Neuroendocrine systems
12) Computational Neuroscience
13) Emotion, Memory and Cognition
14) Neuroethology
15) Transcriptomics, genomics, and epigenomics
16) Structural and functional connectomics
17) Robotics and Brain-machine interfaces
18) History, Teaching and Neuro-ethics